Department : Geology
College : Basic Sciences
Academic : Assistant Professor


First Name : Vachik Last Name : Hairapetian
Birth Date :
Birth Place :
Academic : Assistant Professor Contract Type :
College EMail :
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Research Interest : Vertebrate Palaeontology, Stratigraphy
Educational Background
Degree :Bachelor's degree Field : Geology
College : Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branch Year : 1997
Thesis :
Degree :Masters degree Field : Palaeontology and Stratigraphy
College : University of Isfahan Year : 2000
Thesis : Biostratigraphy of the Upper Devonian rocks in Dalmeh section, Northeastern Ardakan, based on conodonts and vertebrate remains
Degree :PhD Field : Palaeontology and Stratigraphy
College : University of Isfahan Year : 2008
Thesis : Late Devonian-Early Carboniferous fish micro-remains from Central Iran

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