Laboratories and Workrooms


Laboratories and Workrooms
Isfahan (Khorasgan) Islamic Azad University with more than 80 laboratorial and workroom sectors provides an excellent educational and research atmosphere for faculty members, students and other researchers in the region. Some of the sectors are solely dedicated to research activities and with regard to the newly purchased laboratorial facilities and equipment, these sectors are ready to service all the researchers.
Research laboratories of agriculture faculty are equipped with BOD meter, COD meter, Yol meter, Nano Spectrophotometer, gas chromatography (GC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and other apparatus used for water, soil, and plant analysis.
Biotechnological research laboratories are also equipped with perfect apparatuses such as: real time PCR, electrophoreses set, nano spectrophotometer and other research facilities related to human, animals and plants genetic tests, which makes it possible for the researchers to study genetic diversities, making genetic science practical in the field of gene transfer and generation of transgenic plants and animals.
Geology laboratory has advanced apparatuses such as polarizan microscopes
 Laboratorial complex of civil engineering department includes concrete, building materials, soil mechanic, materials resistance, fluids mechanic and hydraulic laboratories. This complex provides the suitable software and hardware facilities to the faculty members and students for educational and research purposes. Electricity laboratories include electronic, orbit measurement, control machine, and micro processer laboratories. Electronic and circuit laboratories are equipped with digital oscilloscope, functional digital generators and digital LRC meters and latest apparatuses such as control majols, temperature control, fluid surface control, pressure and motor rotation control, 
Central Research Laboratories Institute including at least 26 segregated laboratorial research sectors, internet service and specialized library with an area of 2000 m2 is being constructed and will be inaugurated by May 2011. All the research laboratories of the university are prepared for servicing researchers and signing contracts with industrial organizations throughout the country.  




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