Intra Cultural Studies Unit


Intra Cultural Studies Unit
Intra Cultural Studies Unit was established in April 2010 by the justification of cultural deputy in 4th zone in Isfahan (Khorasgan) Islamic Azad University. The aspiration of this unit is to offer scientific methods for cultural designing and planning, also, providing cultural services to university faculty members and students. Considering the majors offered in the field of humanism at postgraduate levels in the university, particularly master of cultural management and planning; this unit is very potent in offering research projects related to social and cultural issues.
This unit is prepared to offer research services to all universities, cultural organizations, municipalities and other governmental and private organizations connected to cultural studies.
Permanent Secretariat of Festivals and Exhibitions
The research deputy of Isfahan (Khorasgan) Islamic Azad University is very active and functional in holding festivals and seminars, so that over 25 conferences at national, regional, and internal levels, and several festivals and exhibitions were held in the past year. Currently, this university enjoys Ferdowsi saloon serving as a lounge and exhibition place with an area of 2450 m2, Motahari saloon with over 300 seats, research saloon with over 110 seats, several meeting rooms and educational workshops; and is ready to offer services to the seminars and festivals.
Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
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