Research Centers



The "Waste Water Research Centre" received its authorizations in winter 2007, and since then, in addition to holding a national congress, it has supported several theses and research projects.
In 2008, it stood the second place of the Innovation and Efflorescence Festival in the province and was introduced to the national festival.
The research centre of greenhouse products with 1.3 hectare area is one the largest instructional and research centres in the field of green house in the country. It holds several courses in MSc. Level for the public and private organizations, and is hosting a great number of MSc. students and the students of science and technology nuclei in the development centre. In addition to the foregoing centres, women research centre, organic agriculture research centre, Mecatronic centre, research activities council centre, job–making studies and research centre and legal clinic have been proposed to the different parts of the university and the first stages of the establishment of these centres in the university have been considered.
Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
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