Department of Architecture (DA) started at Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan Branch, first in 1990, by establishing a continuous graduate program; namely, Master of Architecture (M. Arch.) accepting 65 high school graduates under the supervision and instruction of four full-time faculty members. In the following years, the Department of Architecture was reevaluated by Iran Ministry of Science Research and Technology and was qualified to educate students in architecture. Accordingly, the Department of Architecture has grown both quantitatively and qualitatively.

At the present time, there are two working groups offering four programs. The Department of Architecture has 12 faculty members including four assistant professors, eight instructors teaching to 1202 students (1027 undergraduate students and 175 graduate ones). More than 1000 students have been graduated from the Department of Architecture so far. Some of the DA alumni have gained excellent achievements; many of them are now faculty members of accredited universities or practicing as well-known architectures. The department offices and classrooms reside in the two-story Building of Architecture. It is equipped with computer sites, studios, a specialized library, and other facilities.


Department of Architecture (DA) Offers:

One BS Continuous Program in:

·        Architecture


Two BS Discontinuous Programs in:

·        Architectural Technology

·        Architecture (Applied Sciences)


One MS Program in:

·        Architecture


BS Student: 1027 Students in Total

·        Architecture: 470 students

·        Architectural Technology: 467 students

·        Architecture (Applied Sciences): 90 students


MS students: 175 Students in Total

·        Architecture: 175 students



Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
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