FBS is well equipped with modern laboratories and units serving students studying in different programs and majors at different levels at the IAUKB Faculty of Basic Sciences. The laboratories, units and centers are as follows:


1.     Paleontology lab (Type: research/ teaching)

2.     Petrography lab (Type: research/ teaching)

3.     Sedimentology lab (Type: research/teaching)

4.     Remote Sensing lab.1 (Type: research/teaching)

5.     Remote Sensing lab.2 (Type: research/teaching)

6.     Rock sample preparation unit (Type: research/teaching)

7.     Fossil preparation unit (Type: research/teaching)

8.     Geology Research Center 1 (Type: research)

9.     Geology Research Center 2 (Type: research)

Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
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