Charity Centers

1.       Hazrat Abolfazl Charity, Providing facilities for kidney and heart patients and patients with specific and rare diseases.


2.       Baqralolum entrepreneur charity, Assisting unemployment and supporting the initiatives of entrepreneurs.


3.       Imam Zaman Social Work and Charity Association, special assistance to orphans.


4.       Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, assisting to orphans and poor students.


5.       Tuition Discount:

Student welfare Administration applies discount to some students tuition. Students who have the condition to receive this discount, register online and presents their documents. After confirming their documents, they will receive discount from 5 to 25 percent.   


6.       Soroush Mehr Credit and Financial institution:

This institution lend money to Staffs, Faculty members and all students  with the least profit.


Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
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