Research Center of Wastewater and Sewage


Research Center of Wastewater and Sewage
Research Center of Wastewater and Sewage of Isfahan (Khorasgan) University agriculture faculty was established in 2008 with the aim of planning, regulating, scientific investigations, training specialized personnel, as well as conducting research projects in the field of civil, industrial, and agricultural wastewaters. So that the following projects and purposes can be expected:
1.      Creation of data bank related to the activities conducted inside and outside the country
2.      Domestication of modern technological hardware and software related to wastewater and sewage processes
3.      Offering new researches to solve environmental issues in the country
4.      Integrating the insulated and segregated researches in different regions of the country
5.      Holding congresses, educational workshops and etc. to introduce the latest achievements in this field
6.      Recruiting the experienced and specialized individuals considering the issue of wisdom axis
7.      Preventing the unnecessary outgoing of financial resources
8.      Employment of individuals in the foregoing fields
9.      Expanding the findings obtained in this center into the other regions of the country
In addition, the pre-conditions are prepared in line with the following activities:
1.      Comprehensive verification and investigation of the sources of dried wastes and the amount produced
2.      Investigation and offering suitable solutions to manage latex produced in compost factories
3.      Comprehensive researches in the field of compost production, its standardization, the impact of factors such as wastewater, latex, sludge, sewage and other renewable materials on the quality of produced compost
4.      Functional cooperation with related organizations in line with improvement of environmental pollution and reduction of pollutants toxicity
5.       Offering solutions for reduction of environmental pollutions as a result of burning agricultural residues
6.      Application of wastewaters and sewages of food industry factories for enrichment of unused wastes
7.      Reduction of environmental pollution with wastewaters of huge industrial complexes, by offering effective solutions such as the impact of sludge application on heavy metals concentrations in plants
8.      Investigating the impact of metallic pollutants on water and soil resources and agricultural products
9.      Investigating the impact of factories wastewater and sewage on improvement or deterioration of physic-chemical properties of soil
In accord to the mentioned purposes, the university faculty of agriculture with more than 60 faculty members and a considerable number of students in graduate and postgraduate levels has the potential to support this research center. Some of activities of this center can be referred to as:
1.      Standing the second place of organizational plans in the First Festival of Innovation in Isfahan province in 2008
2.      Holding the 3rd National Congress on Recycling and Renewable Resources in Agriculture in May 2008
3.      Holding the First International and 4th National Congress on Recycling and Renewable Resources in Agriculture in May 2011
4.      Publication of the international Journal of Recycling for the first time by the beginning of 2011
This center is prepared to sign contracts with industrial organizations in the field of wastewater and sewage researches.                             
Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
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