The Institute of Advanced Robotic and Intelligent Systems


The Institute of Advanced Robotic and Intelligent Systems
Isfahan (Khorasgan) Azad University Robotic Institute initiated its official activity by making footballer robots in 2004. After four years of continuous activity in the field of medium size footballer robots, making six such robots and achieving several national and international prizes; has expanded its scope of activity into designing and making anthropomorphic robots. The first human like robot was made in 2008; afterwards, three small size robots having dynamic control specificities were designed and made. Rescue, pathfinder, two and three dimensions assimilative robots and intelligent environmental identifier and flying systems can be referred to as some of the other scientific achievements of robotic institute. This institute stood the first place in the National Kharazmi Robotic Competition in 2008 and the second place in the subsequent year; also the first, second and third places of Iran International Robotic Competition were conquered by our institute and consequently the institute was introduced as the sole representative of Iran in anthropomorphic robots league in Austria International Robotic Championship in 2009 and Singapore's in 2010. Other achievements of this institute can be highlighted as: designing and execution of several industrial and semi-industrial projects, patenting a couple of inventions, documenting its scientific and research achievements, participating in over thirty national and international conferences and publishing of several articles in reputable scientific journals. Currently this institute is concentrating on industrialization of its robots.
Some of the honors and attributions attained by robotic institute are as follow:  
1.      Standing the first and second place of Kharazmi Youth Festival in 2008 and 2009 for designing of anthropomorphic robot
2.      Receiving the reward of the best invention of England in 2009 for designing a self-controlled system for industrial robots
3.      Attribution of the superior article in the International Conference of CLAWA in Turkey, 2009
4.      Standing the second place in China International Robocup in 2007
5.      Standing the first place in Iran 3rd International Robocup in 2008
6.      Standing the second place in the 2nd Kharazmi National Robotic Competition in 2009
7.      Standing the third place in Iran 5th International Robocup in 2010
8.      Standing the second place in Iran 2nd International Robocup in 2007
9.      Standing the second place in the first Kharazmi National Robotic Competition in 2008
10. Attaining the superior places in the 7th and 8th National Festival of Ingenious Basiji Students
11. Receiving the privilege for participating at International Robocup Competitions in Germany 2006, America 2007, China 2008, Austria 2009 and Singapore 2010
12. Standing the first place in First National festival of Innovation in 2009
13. Standing the first place in Student Vocational and Career Festival of Isfahan in 2008  
Islamic Azad University Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch
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