Andre Leu (IFOAM President)


Andre Leu is the author of The Myths of Safe Pesticides and the President of IFOAM – Organics International.
 Andre has over 40 years of experience in all areas of Organic Agriculture, from growing, pest-control, weed management, marketing and post-harvest transport to grower organizations, developing new crops and education - not only in his home country Australia, but across Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.
 He has written and published extensively in magazines, newspapers, journals, conference proceedings and newsletters in print and online on many areas of Organic Agriculture including climate change, the environment and the health benefits of organic agronomy. He was recently invited by the FAO to present research findings from the organic movement at a high-level “Science Fair for a Safer Tomorrow."
Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann (ISOFAR President)
Institute of Organic Farming
Johann Heinrich von Thuenen Institute, Germany

Prof Dr Gerold Rahmann is funding director (established in the year 2000) of the Institute of Organic Farming at the Johann Heinrich von Thuenen-Institute (vTI: www.vti.bund.de). The vTI is part of the research infrastructure of the German ministry of consumer protection, agriculture and nutrition (BMELV) and has the main subject to design sustainable resource use strategies in rural areas, forestry and fisheries to advise the ministry at an excellent scientific level. Prof. Rahmann is a socio-economist and specialized on New Farming Systems Research and Development (NFSR+D) and has worked many years in interdisciplinary teams in tropic and sub-tropic countries as well as in German and EC projects related to low input farming systems. His recent research group with 30 scientists focuses on the development of (a) organic animal husbandry, (b) organic crop production and (c) organic grassland management. He has 38 peer-reviewed scientific, >250 other papers, and 15 books published. The design of policy decision frameworks is an important part of his work.
Dr. Stefano Canali
Consiglio per la ricerca e la sperimentazione in agricoltura (CRA)
Centro per lo studio delle relazioni tra pianta e suolo (RPS), Italy
 Stefano Canali is senior scientist at the Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura (CRA), Italy. He has been involved in OFF research since the first ’90 and his activities have been carried out in the framework of a number of research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, the Italian Ministry of Research and the European Union (V, VI and VII FP). He is the scientific coordinator of the InterVeg “Enhancing multifunctional benefits of cover crops – vegetables intercropping” (Core Organic II) and SoilVeg “Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for vegetable production through introduction and management of Agro-ecological Service Crops (ASC)” (Core Organic Plus) research projects. He participates as expert in different working groups and initiatives aimed at providing technical advice and scientific support to the European and Italian Institutions devoted to strengthen the administrative and institutional capacity of the organic food and farming sector. He is vice president of the Italian Research Network for Organic Food and Farming Research (RIRAB) and member of the Scientific Board of the Italian Technological Platform for organic food and farming (PTBioIT).
Dr. Mahesh Chander
Division of Extension Education
Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar-243122 (UP) INDIA
Dr Mahesh Chander, is Principal Scientist with Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), holds PhD in Extension Education from Indian Veterinary Research Institute and a certificate course (Organic Leadership Course-OLC) in Organic Agriculture from IFOAM Academy, Germany. He has been actively associated with Research & Development activities concerning organic agriculture since early 1990s. He has been associated with IFOAM and Sustainable Agriculture Network of Rainforest Alliance, USA as member of the International Standards Committee. He has published and presented papers on organic farming in several national and international conferences. Out of the 22 Masters and Doctoral students guided by him, 3 students completed theses on organic livestock farming topics. He is a Member of ISOFAR since 2004. He organized the National workshop on Organic Animal Husbandry Standards at Indian Veterinary Research Institute in 2002, and also organized ICAR sponsored short course on Organic animal husbandry standards: concepts, standards and practices in 2006. When 1st & 2nd IFOAM International Conference on animals in organic production were organized in 2006 & 2012, respectively at Minnesota & Hamburg, he was one of the Programme Committee members. The book entitled Organic Livestock Farming published by ICAR has been authored by him. He received Bharat Ratna Dr C Subramaniam Award for Outstanding Teachers-2010 from ICAR and Young Scientist award from Indian Society of Extension Education in 2005. Currently, he is Head, Division of Extension Education at Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, India.
Prof. Dr. Peter von Fragstein und Niemsdorff
University of Kassel
Department of Organic Vegetable Production
Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences, Witzenhausen, Germany
 Peter von Fragstein und Niemsdorff is the leader of the Section Organic Vegetable Production at the the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences, University of Kassel. His experience in acadamic teaching and research on topics of organic agriculture and horticulture is dating back over 30 years. In 1981 he followed Hardy Vogtmann as Senior scientist from the University of Hohenheim to the new founded Department of Methods of Alternative Farming Methods at the University of Kassel.
Prof. Dr. Victor Olowe
Institute of Food Security, Environmental Resources and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR), Federal University of Agriculture, Nigeria
 Victor Olowe became a full Research Professor (Agronomy & Organic Agriculture) in October, 2008 and has actively participated as an agronomist in several international research projects such as soybean production and utilization project funded by IDRC & IITA (1992-1993), soybean production and utilization mapping funded by a DFID affiliate organization (February/March 2007), Work, Earn, Learn Project (WELP) on capacity building of young agricultural graduates in organic agriculture in collaboration with Coventry University, UK and funded by Department for Innovations, Universities and Skills (DIUS), UK/British Council (2008-2009) and a collaborative project involving six Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the West African sub-region funded by the European Union (EU) (2010 -2012). He is currently the Vice President of the national movement of organic agriculture in Nigeria called Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners of Nigeria (NOAN).
Azad University, Karaj, Iran, Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding
Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dr. M. Reza Ardakani brings to the ISOFAR over 18 years of international research/teaching experience in the area of organic agriculture. He is a Full Professor of Agroecology and Organic farming in the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Azad University, Karaj, Iran. In 2007, he joined to the Department of Organic Farming, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria where he worked as a Post Doctoral Fellow. Upon moving to Canada in 2012, he worked as a Research Fellow at the Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph and later on as a Research Associate at the Department of Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University. His areas of research interest are Cropping Systems, Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition in Sustainable Agroecosystems. He is well experienced in regulations, standards and certification processes of organic products and combinations of his scientific backbone and direct contacts with organic farmers, NGO’s, government, private companies and traders in different continents such as Europe, Asia and North America brought him an extensive practical experiences and provided him a set of knowledge in organic farming at international level. Reza is a Board Member of Iran Organic Association, Member of Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM, he founded the first accredited organic inspection body company in Iran, and the first certified organic research farm based on EU Regulation in Iran as well as IFOAM-IRAN which currently is its director.
Prof. Dr. Raffaele Zanoli
Università Politecnica delle Marche via Brecce Bianche,  Italy
Prof. Raffaele Zanoli (MA, PhD) is Full Professor of Agricultural Economics & Marketing at the Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy with more than 20 years experience primarily related to the economics and market analyses of the organic food sector. He participated to a dozen of international projects on organic farming, mostly EU-funded, and was the coordinator of the largest governmental-funded project on organic animal farming in Italy (www.equizoobio.it). He is currently the coordinator of the 7th FP project “OrganicDatanetwork”, started on January 2012. He has been expert and consultant on organic farming for the European Commission, the Swiss Federal Government, the Italian Government, and the FAO. He is founder and currently president of the Italian Research Association on Organic Farming (GRAB-IT) and Coordinator for socio-economic research in the RIRAB, the Italian Network for Organic Farming Research.
Simona Naspetti is Associate Professor at the Università Politecnica Marche, Italy. Teachings: Economics & Agro-food marketing, Marketing, Industrial marketing. Research topics: organic supply chains & consumer behaviour, quality perception (cognitive and affective response (eye-tracking) & WTP, new product development, Novel foods and innovation, Branding & environmental sustainability,landscape perception & perception of ecosystem services in marine environment. Developed MECPLUS software for the MEC analysis.
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